Paulina Martini

A pianist and a singer – on stage since her childhood. Educated in Poland (the Academy of Music in Gdańsk), Monaco (Teresa Żylis-Gara), Russia (the Academy of Young Singers at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg) and Italy (Raimundo Mettre). She inherited her musical talents from her Grandma and Mom. A polyglot, speaking fluently 4 languages. She loves nature: its colors and sounds fill her body with inexhaustible supplies of energy noticed from the first work she performs. A great lover of the Tatra mountains – she is now completing their crown. She designs her concert dresses and cares about her stage image herself.

After over ten years as a pianist and 15 years on stage as a singer, she is lucky to meet on her way the great musical personalities. The artists that have the greatest influence on her development include Elena Obraztsova, Teresa Żylis-Gara, Larissa Gergieva, Kazimierz Kord, Raimundo Mettre, Grzegorz Chrapkiewicz, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Aleksandra Mozgiel, Tomasz Krezymon, Jan Freicher. She has received twice the cultural scholarship of the Ministery of Culture and National Heritage including the prestigious scholarship Młoda Polska (Young Generation of Poland). She has also been privileged to receive on three accounts the Mayor of Gdansk Scholarship.

Extremely creative in music – she uses her warm, powerful soprano voice in a broad range of possibilities opened to her by a thorough musical education and many years of international experience on the stage. She wants to be “a total musician”, overcoming the limitations imposed by a single genre or repertoire. She is not afraid to experiment with her voice and various musical genres, feeling at ease in both the early Baroque music and jazz. She has given concerts in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain.