Tomasz Krezymon

A pianist, a composer, an arranger, a man of indefatigable energy, the inexhaustible possibilities and musical horizons.

He graduated from the Gdańsk Academy, where he studied piano and composition. As a student, he worked at the School of Music at Gnilna street, the Musical Theatre, and the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.

He began very early to cooperate with the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, the Baltic Sea Culture Centre and Wybrzeże Theatre, with which he is cooperating today, composing music for such performances as “Our Town”, “Kobieton”, “One Flea Spare”, “Sprzeczna”, “Marriage”, “The Vagina Monologues”. He is a co-author of music for the performance “Gdzie ci faceci”.

In the field of composition and musical directorship, he cooperated with the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, Jaracz Theatre in Łódź, Bagatela Theatre in Cracow, Polish Radio Theatre and the film (“Jeden krok” by Bogajewska). He has been a pianist since 2007. He is a composer of songs of Michał Bajor, with whom he has recorded already three studio albums, and with the latest “My Travels” – he is currently on tour.

The list of artists with whom he has performed or for whom he has written the music over the years includes: Michał Bajor, Hanna Banaszak, Maria Peszek, Kacper Kuszewski. He has been cooperating for years with the Foundation of Anna Dymna during the “Enchanted Song” festival, where his music or arrangements have been performed by Soyka, Przemyk, Gawliński, Ostrowska, Majewska, Miecznikowski, Łobaszewska, Wyszkoni, Groniec, Sweet, Kayah, Rynkowski.

He was a pianist during the celebration of Andrzej Wajda jubilee in 2011, broadcast by the 3rd Program of the Polish Radio. He arranged music for the BBC Big Band from London during a concert at the Congress Hall. During the composition scholarship in the German city of Worpswede, he performed his award-winning work: the suite of Worpswede for a string quartet, keyboard instruments, an electric guitar, a double-bass, percussion and voice.